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30 Million Americans Now Have Diabetes

By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, Sept. 19, 2018 (HealthDay News) — 1 in 7 Americans has diabetes, and many don’t even know they have the blood sugar disease, a new report shows. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 14 percent of U.S adultshave diabetes — 10 percent know it and more than 4 percent are ...

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Melatonin may play role in diabetes risk in men

A higher endogenous melatonin level in older Japanese men may be associated with decreased risk for developing type 2 diabetes, according to findings published in Clinical Endocrinology. Kenji Obayashi  “Melatonin could play a role in preventing diabetes mellitus, possibly through the multiple pathways involved in beta-cell function and insulin resistance,” Kenji Obayashi, MD, PhD, of the department of epidemiology at ...

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30% of Americans With Diabetes Don't Know It

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Type 1 Diabetes Life Expectancy

Because diabetes is a chronic condition, patients are typically worried about how long are they expected to live, once diagnosed with this disease. The life expectancy of diabetes patients is affected by a number of factors that determine the impact of the disease on the health of the patient. Factors Affecting Life Expectancy of Type-1 Diabetic Patients The most important ...

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