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Quinn on Nutrition | Questions about fiber –

John from Racine, Wisconsin writes: Dear Ms. Quinn, I (and maybe many others) have usually pulled off many of the strings that are on the segments of tangerines and clementines and discarded them. I do this because they occasionally get stuck between my teeth, but probably more so because of aesthetics. I now am wondering whether I have been discarding ...

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Quinn on Nutrition: To supplement or not – Lima Ohio

Barbara Quinn Nutrition Column insbackground:none; I often get asked, “What supplements should I take?” My pat answer: Tell me first what you eat. That seems to be the conclusion of the latest position paper on this topic by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Micronutrient supplements (those that contain vitamins and minerals) are warranted, when our nutrient requirements are not ...

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Cutting for a Meet? Keep These 7 Nutrition Tips in Mind – BarBend

Whether you’re a powerlifter or an Olympic weightlifter, if you compete at any level there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the fabled pre-meet cut. The cycle is like clockwork: spend a few months (or perhaps most of the year) eating a lot, training hard, eating some more, gaining muscle and strength, almost certainly putting on a few pounds of ...

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