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School nutrition strategies – KFYR-TV

The State of Obesity report shows North Dakota has the 10th lowest rate of obesity among kids ages 10 to 17. That’s significant, because at one point North Dakota’s rate was one of the highest. A school health specialist with the North Dakota Department of Health says a grant from the Centers for Disease Control worked to reduce student health, ...

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Health and nutrition recommendations based on body shape – WJLA

by GOOD MORNING WASHINGTON Health and body shape 101 (ABC7) WASHINGTON (ABC7) —  While fruity terms are often used to describe body type – what exactly does it mean to be pear or apple-shaped? Nurse practitioner and nutritionist Cynthia Thurlow offered diet and lifestyle changes based on our curves. Learn more at and check out the photo gallery for ...

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Postmenopausal women are needed for a nutrition and health study – University of Arkansas Newswire

Jan. 03, 2019 Postmenopausal women (12+ months after last reported menstrual cycle and no older than 85) are needed to participate in the SHAPE study. The Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Arkansas is conducting a research study to learn more about the effects of nutrition on sleep, muscle health and strength in postmenopausal women. Participants will be ...

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Nutrition in Advanced Practice Education | Nursing – ADVANCE

Advanced Nutrition Should Be a Core Course Unhealthy diet is increasingly recognized as a risk factor for chronic diseases (McEwen, 2018). Therefore, dietary modification is an essential component of prevention and treatment. The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) has been used to lower blood pressure for the past 20 years (Marcel & Smith, 2018). Today, whole food plant-based ...

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