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Shisha increases the risk of diabetes and obesity – INSIDER

Inhaling any sort of tobacco is bad for you. Shisha is sometimes thought of as less toxic because smoke is purified by passing it through water. According to a new study, one shisha session is as bad for your health as smoking a pack of cigarettes. Smoking shisha “significantly increases” a person’s risk of diabetes and obesity, the study found. ...

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Top 10 Animal Ailments Exacerbated by Obesity – American Veterinarian

Nationwide has identified the top 10 health conditions related to or worsened by obesity based on pet insurance claims. New data from pet health insurance provider Nationwide reveals that pet obesity is on the rise for the 8th consecutive year. And your 4-legged patients’ expanding waistlines are causing notable health repercussions, with nearly 20% of pet insurance claims to Nationwide in ...

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Pet obesity on rise for eighth consecutive year – Feedstuffs

New research from the University of Liverpool and Mars Petcare’s Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition reveals that overweight dogs are more likely to have shorter lives than those at ideal bodyweights. Results from the study, conducted retrospectively across two decades and published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, found that the life span of dogs that were overweight was ...

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