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The One Ingredient That Helps mbg Editors Reach Their Nutrition Goals –

A brand-new year brings an opportunity to reassess what’s happening in our worlds and set new goals accordingly, but riding the inspirational (and often unobtainable) “new year, new you” wave can only get us so far. (Read: About a week or two into February, most resolutions fade to an afterthought.) While we’re all about embracing the hard-won effort when it comes ...

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Playing the percentages with potassium | 2018-12-04 – Food Business News

KANSAS CITY — Potassium soon will appear more often on food and beverage packaging in the United States but creating a product that qualifies as a “good source” or “excellent source” of potassium will remain as challenging. Formulators may consider encapsulating the mineral, and they also should be aware potassium may help in sodium reduction efforts. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans ...

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