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Ignore the diet fads and enjoy these healthful carbs for fall

I tend to have a pumpkin obsession this time of year. And it’s fueled by all the products from pumpkin bagels to body cream that are marketed in autumn. Nutritionally, pumpkin is a seasonal vegetable; it reaches its peak ripeness for harvest in these cooler days. Other produce abundant in the fall includes apples, beets and sweet potatoes. Some carb-phobics ...

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Ancient potato that has survived in the wilds of southern Utah for nearly 11000 years makes its dinner debut

The Four Corners potato may be small — no bigger than a copper penny — but this starchy, edible tuber is mighty, having survived in the wild landscapes of southern Utah for nearly 11,000 years. Packed with proteins and vitamins, it was a powerful source of nourishment for the American Indians living in the state’s Escalante and Bears Ears regions, ...

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Diabetes May Be Detected 20 Years Before Diagnosis: 6 Foods That Will Keep Diabetes In Control

According to a new study that was presented at European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Annual Meeting in Berlin in Germany, early signs of type-2 diabetes can be detected 20 years before diagnosis now. Researchers from Aizawa Hospital in Japan found that increased fasting glucose, higher body mass index (BMI) and impaired insulin sensitivity were detectable 10 years ...

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The best foods to eat for a good night's sleep

Dietician Sophie Medlin recommends her top foods for a peaceful sleep. Sleep has become widely recognised as playing a really important role in our overall health and wellness – alongside diet, stress management and exercise. Recently, researchers have been learning more about how poor sleep influences our dietary choices, as well as how diet influences sleep quality. Not sleeping for ...

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Best Foods for Healthy Eyes

Most people think that carrots are the best food to eat for healthy eyes. Did you know that the idea that carrots will improve your vision is actually World War II propaganda from the British? During this time, the British had established a new radar technology and to divert the German’s attention away, they claimed their airmen had improved night vision from ...

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